10-Day Mom & Daughter Braid Challenge

Written by Amy Thompson

April 29, 2022


We spend so much time caring for our tresses, from the shampoo we use to the style we choose for our day. If you’re looking for fun mother-daughter bonding ideas, check out the roundup of our ten favorite braided hairstyles. And what girl doesn’t love getting her hair braided? There’s something so sweet and feminine about it, making it a great mother-daughter bonding activity.

If you’re looking for fun mother-daughter bonding ideas, check out this 10-day braid challenge. They’ll help you connect with your daughter, have fun and feel stylish at the same time.

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The 10 Day Braid-Off Challenge

You and your daughter can test your teamwork on this one by taking turns trying out a new way to style each other’s hair every day. Braids are easy to do on both short and long hair. You could even combine a few different styles to mix things up. Then snap a photo of the results each day for 10 Days straight and post it to Instagram with #dramafreemommabraidchallenge. May the best mother-daughter team win!

Day 1: Easy Hair Bow

Let’s start with an easy one. This hairstyle isn’t a braid technically, but it’s a simple way to get your hands ready for the days to come, especially if you’re a little rusty with styling someone else’s hair! This pretty bowtie updo is so sweet that your daughter will get a giggle out of styling her momma’s hair into this sleek updo.

Day 2: Easy Boho Double Braid

Bohemian is a word used to describe unconventional and artistic hairstyles that are spiritual or have a creative touch and hairstyles in this category will display braids, twists, free-flowing tresses, and so much more. These are styles that any mom can do – novice to experienced! This gorgeous double boho braid is one every mom should know!

Day 3: Double Dutch Fishtail Braid

How do you keep your hair contained for the day? With this easy fishtail braid! It’s also easy and simple to do, and it’s a neat way to maintain medium-to long length tresses. The classic double dutch braid has been twisted into this cute new style!

Day 4: Pull Through Braid

Pull-through braids are my go-to style for a quick and stylish hairdo and my absolute favorite! This braid has a lot of versatility and can be worn in many ways for dates, work, or school. This style will pop up everywhere now – It’s an easy trend to master!

Day 5: Fishtail Braid

Girls who have watched Frozen will absolutely love the fishtail braid. Ice Princess Elsa had a hairstyle that was elegant and simple to create; It is elegant like a french braid, but easier to create because there are only two main sections of hair and adding strands from the remaining hair in an alternating pattern. 

This style is another one that’s exceptionally versatile and adaptable. You can transform this style into so many different styles – both pigtails and side ponytails look gorgeous with it! The only limit is your imagination!

Day 6: Woven Double Braid

This woven double braid looks super intricate and fancy! Don’t be intimidated; this braid is surprisingly simple and begins with two basic braids at the back of the head and is beautifully woven together with remaining strands of hair. The result is absolutely stunning!

Day 7: Waterfall Braid

There are a few basic steps for creating this gorgeous waterfall braid. Firstly, part of your hair is braided, and then alternating sections are left to cascade like in an actual waterfall. This  style creates volume at the top while leaving length on the bottom when you don’t want the hassle of a full-blown up-do!

Day 8:  Braided Bun

This polished braided bun hairstyle uses hair from the front top section of your hair to create an elegant braided border. It’s perfect for both daughters and moms alike!

Day 9: French Braid and Messy Bun

This style is a must-know for putting a semi-polished twist on the popular messy bun! 

Day 10: Braided Flowers Hairstyle

This trendy braided flowers hairstyle is way easier than it looks and is super girly and feminine. You begin by sectioning off three strands of hair into ponytail elastics, pulling each into a pull-through twist at the top. Then braid the section beneath the elastic and secure it. Lastly, twist the three secured braids into a flower and secure them with bobby pins. A surprisingly simple half-up half-down hairstyle.

Tips for Untamable Tresses

Does your daughter have hair that’s difficult to manage? As a caucasian mom of a mixed-race daughter, I understand how challenging it can be to tame unruly tresses. Check out these Easy Solutions for Moms of mixed girls who cannot braid! from a former boutique day spa owner and mom of two mixed-race girls.

Dione is a fellow ” tenacious overachiever” who remains humble and kind to herself even when results fall short of her high ambitions. Follow her @lauftylife on Pinterest for more hairstyle tips, parenting advice, entertainment guides, party ideas, and reviews of family travel destinations in the midwest and the Caribbean.

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Fun & Easy Mother Daughter Bonding!

Bonding with your daughter is essential, and these ten beautiful braided hairstyles will make sure you look good while doing it. I hope this 10-day braid challenge style helps you and your daughter create special memories while making you both feel darn good about yourself. 

So, how did your braid challenge go? I complied these braids as a fun mother-and-daughter activity for my daughter, and she loved it! Did you and your daughter have as much fun as we did? What were your favorite styles? Let me know in the comments below!

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